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Dział: Nauki o Zarządzaniu
Julian Maliszewski red.
Monografia, Monografia 329, Wyd. I, 178 s., 2017 r., 100 egz.
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Verbum verbo (non) redere. On the verge between cognitivism and transgression in legal translation and interpreting - Julian Maliszewski 

Cognition and subjectivity in specialist translation - Radegundis Stolze 

Attraction/repulsion as translation metacognitive strategy. The case of selected English equivalents of Polish institutional terms - Marek Kuźniak 

Translation as education of cognition: Principles of slang in an interlingual translation process: A corpus based study - Michał Garcarz 

Translating denominal adjectives in view of the polysemy of their nominal bases - Bożena Cetnarowska 

A comparative evaluation of concurrent and retrospective verbal protocols: A case study of taps generated from a scientific translation task - Krzysztof Przygoński 

Translation of metaphors in business discourse - a cognitive perspective - Aleksandra Radziszewska 

Cognitive processes in translation revision with some implications for translator education - Iwona Sikora 

Assessing interpreting trainees’ performance in a consecutive interpreting test with reference to affective factors: a proposal of a consecutive interpreting assessment tool - Marcin Walczyński 

The traversal between word and image as intersemiotic translation on the example of press photography and its captioning - Marek Zasempa 

Use of hedges in legislative acts: A corpus-based test of a hypothesis of translation universals - Mariusz Kamiński 

Overcoming stress in ESP writing test: can a dictionary help? - Małgorzata Kamińska, Mariusz Kamiński 

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