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Dział: Nauki o Zarządzaniu
Barbara Pabian, Andrii Kuzyshyn, Aleksander Pabian Inna Poplavska, Serhii Zadvornyi
Monografia, Wyd. I, 114 s., 2019 r.
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Chapter I. Selected aspects of management in hotel industry
1.1. Historical, political and economic determinants of contemporary hotel industry development and functioning on the example of Poland
1.2. Market of hotel services – system of categorization in Poland
1.3. Quality management as a main challenge for the managers of accommodation services’ sector

Chapter II. New trends in hospitality – the case of Poland
2.1 Accommodation facilities managed in a sustainable manner – a new trend in Polish hotel industry
2.2 Folk tradition in the operations of Polish hotels and restaurants

Chapter III. History of the development of the hotel business in Ukraine
3.1. The birth of hotel business 31 3.2. Аctive development of hotel business
3.3. Modern stage of development of hotel business

Chapter IV. Territorial organization of the modern state of the hotel economy. On the basis of Ukraine
4.1. Analysis of quantitative parameters of territorial organization study of hotel industry
4.2. Dynamics of the territorial organization of the hotel economy of Ukraine

Chapter V. Analysis of the hotel economy functionality of Ukraine in the context of administrative territories
5.1. Methodology of hotel industry research
5.2. Hotel industry as a branch subsystem
5.3. Cluster of hospitality 95 Bibliography

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