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Dział: Nauki o Zarządzaniu
Joanna Nowakowska-Grunt, Anna Justyna Parzonko, Barbara Kiełbasa
Monografia, Wyd. I, 146 s., 2016 r.
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1. Theoretical basis for networking in organizations management with consideration of the agri-business area
1.1. Supply networks management as a concept for change of paradigms
1.2. Processual approach to logistics in supply networks management
1.3. Essence and objectives of supply networks management within a food chain
1.4. Methods and tools employed in the processes of supply networks Management
1.5. Process management of supply chains in cluster organizations

2. Organizations networks as a new form of entrepreneurship within rural areas
2.1. Theoretical approach to the problem of entrepreneurship in contemporary economy
2.2. Types of entrepreneurship within rural areas
2.3. Trends and conditions for entrepreneurship development within rural areas
2.4. Networking as an instrument supporting the rural areas development 
2.5. Characteristics of chosen network organizations within rural areas
2.6. Clusters and groups of agricultural producers as an example of operation within a network

3. Knowledge and information as a factor for development of organizations networks within rural areas
3.1. The role of knowledge and information management in an organizations networks and logistics processes
3.2. Concepts of knowledge resources management within an organizations networks as suggested by own research
3.3. Networks for knowledge development within rural areas
3.4. Barriers of knowledge management within rural areas and ways for their minimization
3.5. Significance of knowledge and its use within rural areas, as suggested by own research 
3.6. Barriers of knowledge management within rural areas and ways for their minimization 



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